Advertiser - Advertisers - Quick Start Guide

Advertisers - Quick Start Guide

  1. Create Campaign.

    • In the "Create Campaign" section you can create your public product review assignment for bloggers and set blog and price parameters to get relevant blog suggestions. We will review your campaign and approve it to make visible for suitable bloggers. After it is approved, bloggers will receive a notification about new campaigns in their blogger dashboard and those who will be able to complete your assignment will make a blog suggestion. You will receive daily notification if there are any blogs suggested for your campaign.

  2. Publishers Marketplace.

    • In order to get access to our marketplace of all available blogs, you need to subscribe via paypal.

  3. Search for Blogs

    • Once subscribed, you will be able to see the list of blogs in the Blogs section and search using our search form.


  4. Order a Review

    • In order to purchase posts from bloggers you need to fund your balance with appropriate amount needed to make a purchase.

    • After your balance has been funded you can start ordering blog posts/reviews from bloggers.

  5. Communicate with Bloggers

    • Once your order is accepted by blogger, you have a possibility to discuss your order with blogger in a comment form below order details.

  6. Get Notified about New Blogs in Your Niche

    • Every Monday our subscribers get a fresh list of newly added blogs on our marketplace.

    • If you want to unsubscribe from our New Blog Notifications follow the link . Or You can choose categories to get notification of New Blogs in your specific Niche.