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What is a Sponsored Blog Post or Blog Review?
Sponsored blog post is an informational or promotional post or review of the product or service written and published by the blog owner on his/her personal blog for money with a link back to advertiser's website.
How to Order a Review?
Once you have logged in to your Advertiser Account, go to your Dashboard and click on Campaigns section > Create a Campaign. Add your website url, your order description, set your budget and choose your relevant categories. We will review your campaign and approve it for blogger to see and send blog suggestions according to your order details.
You are also proposed to subscribe to Blogs marketplace via paypal in your Blogs section, in order to be able to see ALL the blogs available on our platform.

After you have successfully Created a Campaign OR purchased a subscription with a full access to ALL Blogs, you will need to fund your balance with the amount you need to make a purchase. Once this is done, your balance is funded and you will be able to order a review from any blog just by clicking on "Add to cart" near appropriate blog, then go to the "Cart" section in the menu, click on the "Checkout" button and add your order details.

Blogger can accept or reject your order describing the reason for whatever action taken. Once your order is accepted, blogger will set a deadline for your order.
What is Your Subscription Fee?
Our monthly subscription fee is 9.99$ for advertisers.
Why Do Your Require Payment Details to Get a Free Trial?
Payment details surve as an identifier of your serious intentions and prooves your ability to make purchases on our platform.
You are subscribing via PayPal, which is a secure payment system and we can't use your payment details without your permission!
Unfortunately, we can't give access to our blogs without this information from you.
Can I Make an Order During my Trial Period?
You can make orders from bloggers within your trial period. Even if you cancel your subscription you will be able to receive your order.
What If My Order Expired or Was Rejected?
You will receive your money back to your advertiser account.
My order has been rejected. What can I do?
First you need to check the reason for rejection written by the blogger. Go to Rejected Jobs section and review the reason.
Usually bloggers reject the order if your website link is not relevant to their blog, try to choose blogs which are relevant to your niche or have general niche.
There are authority bloggers that often reject your order because your link is commercial, or they don't accept homepage links.
There may be a lot of reasons for rejecting your order by a blogger, in order to have higher chance for your order to be accepted by the blogger, we recommend to review the content and blogposts already published on that blog and check links within articles of that blog.
My order has been rejected. I want money back, what should I do?
You can send a request to initiate refund of your available advertiser balance through a contact form or through your blogger account which you can switch through a small icon on your top navigation bar.
How Do I Communicate with the Blogger?
In order to have the possibility to communicate with appropriate blogger you first need to place an order for that blog. Once the order is placed and accepted by the blogger you will have the possibility to communicate with the blogger through Comments Form below Job Details.
I Want to Review the Article before Posting, How Can I Do it?
You can request article review from a blogger, when placing an order to appropriate blog. Once the order is placed and accepted by blogger you will have the possibility to communicate with blogger through Comments Form below Job Details and the blogger will be able to upload an article through Comments Form.
How Do I Cancel Recurring Payments/Subscription on GetReviewed?
You may cancel or suspend your recurring payments at GetReviewed anytime from your advertiser profile.
How Do I Reactivate Recurring Payments/Subscription on GetReviewed?
Only profiles in a suspended state can be reactivated.



When Will I Get the Payment?
Payment is made after 14 days of the review completion and approval by the advertiser. Your blogger balance will be funded with the amount set for your blog review and after that, you will be able to send a request for money withdraw to your Paypal.
What is Estimation Date?
Expected date of job delivery. A blogger has the opportunity to change the estimated date if he is not able to submit the blogpost in time. If the job is not delivered within 3 days after the estimation date, the job will be expired and the money refunded to the advertiser.
My Sponsored Post was Rejected by Advertiser, What Should I Do?
In order to reject the Job Advertiser need to write a reason for his action. After the Job was rejected it appears again in the "Jobs in Progress" section in Blogger's Dashboard for Blogger to make necessary changes to the post, before resubmitting it to Advertiser.
If the Blogger unable to make changes to the rejected post he can Reject the Job himself or explain the Advertiser, in the Comments form, the reason why post can not be changed.
Can I change the price if the blog is already ordered?
You can't change the price for the existing job, but you can change the price of the blog in the marketplace for future orders.
Go to your blogs, click on edit icon near your blog and change the price.
If the blog is already ordered, complete the task with current price or reject it.