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Product Review Case Studies

Check out our product review case studies to see how brands and marketing professionals are improving their company visibility
and conversion rate using our platform to connect with authority product review bloggers.

1) Case Study: How GetReviewed Got More User Registrations Using Blog Reviews

Starting an online business can be challenging, especially if you do not have an idea of how to market your products. one of the techniques of marketing your products is getting them reviewed by bloggers on their sites. The bloggers use backlinks to send their readers to your product page. This helps you get new customers and subscribers from the blog that reviewed your product. Getting the right blog to review your product can bring about many benefits. Below is a discussion of the results that GetReviewed got from blog reviews. The discussion will help you know the benefits and results to expect when you promote your business using this method.

GetReviewed Results

New Users

From the 1st Screenshot below, you can see how many visitors GetReviewed received from blog reviews, where the platform was featured. The first blog in the list sent 1,656 total visitors to GetReviewed while the second blog sent 311 total visitors to the platform. The other rows show the traffic that each of the other sites sent to GetReviwed. As you can see, if your product gets reviewed by many bloggers, you get exponential traffic because one review sends multiple users to your product page.



In the 2nd Screenshot you can see conversions that GetReviewed received from blog reviews. The blog review led to a conversion rate of 5% for the organization. Conversion means that the new visitors to the site turned into new customers who subscribed to the site as either bloggers or advertisers. If you are selling a product, product reviews may help you convert new visitors into customers who actually buy what you are selling.


Improved Google Ranking

Everyone who owns a business on the internet wants to appear on the first page on Google when a consumer searches for something they are selling. From the 3rd Screenshot below, you will see how GetReviewed reached Google Top 10 for keywords promoted through blog reviews. Considering that there are thousands of competitors using the same key words and the organization managed to improve its ranking through the 10 main keywords, it is clear that reviews can help your business to stand out from the competition.


With the above benefits, product reviews are commendable to everyone who wants to make a positive change to their online business through being reviewed on the best blogs on the internet. And you can get the best bloggers to review your site on GetReviewed.

More about GetReviewed:

Currently, our platform has 2700+ blogs approved on platform. The bloggers have completed over 2000 blog reviews for advertisers who are registered on the platform.

2) Case Study: Oxford Biolabs Insights on How Collaborations with Bloggers Help Improve SERP Visibility.

About the Company

Oxford Biolabs is an organization specializing in the research and development of hair and skin enhancement products. The organization has successfully developed various hair and skin products since 2008 when it was founded by scientists from Oxford University. The organization’s products are mostly food supplements that are made using only natural ingredients. Below is an interview with the organization on blog collaborations with GetReviewed.

1. Did you get any positive results from using our platform?
Yes. Actually, the results were quick. In a couple of weeks after we started using your platform, we were able to improve our ranking based on several keywords.

2. Are you getting any traffic from blog reviews?
So far, we have received only a few blog reviews. We got increased traffic from the few that we ordered and we hope to get game-changing traffic from the reviews in the future.

3. Have any of the reviews you have acquired through our platform helped your site in getting any conversions?
We have a complex user journey. Before making a purchase, a prospective customer goes through a lot of information. Some of the key touchpoints are reviews and publications. So while we've seen no direct conversion from our publications these, however, do contribute positively to the overall marketing mix.

4. Do you see an increase in SERP after your collaboration with bloggers through GetReviewed?
Indeed, we have seen improvement in our search engine positioning and with some keywords, we have been able to improve visibility in SERP by 37%.

5. Can you share your GA report for the last 3 months with the numbers of visitors you get from blog reviews?
So, far we've attained only a handful of those and we have gotten a couple of visitors from each. We will continue working on this, and possibly in a couple of months, we will have something to share.

Collaborating with bloggers is an effective marketing strategy for any business. As the interviewee indicated above that blog reviews enhanced the google ranking of Oxford Biolabs; it is clear that these collaborations can help your website to be positioned higher in the search engines. This is because bloggers send traffic to your brand through links that they include in their product reviews.

The bloggers use backlinks in the blog reviews that they write about your product. These reviews create awareness of the existence of your products. Backlinks, on the other hand, lead interested consumers to your website where they get more information about your product. They also increase the position of your site in search results. If your product is reviewed by an authority blog within your niche, some of the traffic from the blog may convert into actual customers. And this converts into sales and profits.

Therefore, brands should consider collaborating with bloggers so that they may get quality traffic, conversions and improve their rankings in search engines.